Purple Crush is a music and dance collective started by Air Jared and Isla Ebony. Though they have numerous singles and albums that date back to 2003, Purple Crush amassed a following in 2007 after self-releasing their album “Welcome 2 Emo Club” on their Crushed Records imprint. The release solidified this married act as soldiers on the frontlines of a then burgeoning Brooklyn electro movement, becoming favorites in the blogosphere, and riding the blog house wave across the globe to its peak.

More than a decade later, and Purple Crush has expanded its brand beyond club performances. With 8 albums and a variety of singles under their belt, Purple Crush has produced music for artists on Interscope Records, Lady Gaga, Raja, Eureka, LE1F and many more. In 2013 they launched Banjee Ball, a Ballroom event – that has become a hub for the LA community, providing community event curation with MOCA, The Broad Museum, The City of West Hollywood, and Pride Festivals. Isla has become an accomplished voguer, winning Woman Voguer Of the Year in New York in 2017, and being named “Godmother” for the House of Ebony. Jared is now a key member in the 1500 or Nothing camp, spearheading their 1500 Sound Academy. Together Purple Crush will see the fruits of their labor on HBO Max’s new show, Legendary, where Isla is a prominent cast member, and their music is heavily spun on every episode.