With over a decade of experience under their sequined belts, industry veterans Purple Crush are far from a new name in the music community. In their inherent rebellious nature, the duo has continually reinvented their credo, always challenging the social and musical parameters any-which-way they can. Having twerked before Miley and vogued before it-girl FKA Twigs, the outfit have developed a knack for creating trends and then changing them. Calling themselves “pre-Portland-Brooklyn-hipsters,” you’ll have a hard time finding another act as rooted to the industry as Purple Crush.

Though they have numerous singles and albums that date back to 2003, Air Jared and Isla Jones of Purple Crush amassed an even greater following in 2007 after self-releasing their album Welcome 2 Emo Club on their Crushed Records imprint. Though its heavy synths overtop dance floor-ready beats should be labeled anything but “emo,” the release solidified this married act as soldiers on the frontlines of a then burgeoning electroclash movement. Initiating a ripple effect across the globe, Purple Crush became favorites in the blogosphere and rode the blog house wave to its peak. Never ones to sit idly engulfed in their accomplishments, Purple Crush continued to evolve their niche sound, working with underground stalwarts like LE1F and DJ Scottie B (Baltimore Club), but it was their 2011 EP Welcome 2 the Underground that perhaps saw the widest spectrum of sounds.

“New Me” had a dubstep flair; “Sweat” proved that guitars and pop hooks can coexist, while “Basic Bitch” boasts a booming low-end and a title that was three years ahead of its time. Perhaps it was Purple Crush’s perpetual eclecticism that first intrigued Interscope Records to enlist the duo to produce music for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way LP. Though their efforts were scraped from the final cut and a highly-publicized lawsuit was soon to follow, the always independent talents could never stay down for long. With their ears to the fore and underground(s), 2014 saw the release of their album ICONOCLASSIC that commands your attention with an unabashed approach to timeless music. An amalgamation of key words iconoclast, icon, and classic, the term is blessed with many layers and interpretations. Boasting a tracklist that features Josh Peace, Raja, season two winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, rappers Rica Shay and Erik Avery, as well as drag artists Miss Barbie Q and Rudeness, the ICONOCLASSIC LP reflects New York City’s underground sounds while simultaneously giving a nod to the influences of music’s pre-digital era.

Stomping into 2015 with vocal contributions on legendary ballroom Dj Vjuan Allure’s lead single “Wherk”, a ground-breaking vogue film project in the works, and a monthly vogue night, Banjee Ball, at the Standard Hotel, Purple Crush continue to inject their influence in the glimmering pop world, the fierce vogue world, and the booming bass of the dance world. Songwriters, producers, dancers, label owners, and DJs, next time you see a someone twerking on a stage or on the street, just remember that Purple Crush did it first… and better.